Be careful when you share your dreams with people!

So many times there is a double edged sword in life. Thoughts that you bring clarity and validation to your decisions or dreams and seem completely in line with your next step all of the sudden sound ridiculous to someone else you share them with. Often times, someone you thought would surely cheer you on and at the very least embellish their excitement for your new found revelation. Exactly why you told them in the first place. That sword is one of the sharpest ones. Leaves behind ego cuts and bruises. Deflates your balloon.

Keyword here, EGO. Think of this as that punch in the gut feeling. Ego gets in the way when you talk yourself away from taking an actual calculated risk in your business. Ego gets in the way when your feelings are hurt from someone who you least expected to not champion your next intention. Finding yourself realizing there is only one person in your shoes combined with your experience and really the only one who probably 'get's it' is your new best practice. It's a constant practice. One that comes easier when you learn that snapping out of it, that taking things personal feeling, is really not the best perspective to take when considering forgiving a lifelong friend, or partner in life for the input you actually did ask for. Regardless if you straight up asked or not.

By sharing your dreams with people, the most common conversation flow goes somewhat away from cheering for your next move, to putting on the hat for Devil's Advocate.

Protecting your intention and your motivation is worth keeping your mouth shut around people who simply can't relate. When you find a tribe of people who can, proceed in sharing and creating a mastermind group where you can actually bounce ideas off of each other and you know when they engage in asking you questions to gain a better understanding of your dreams, they do so with heart behind it.

Get excited and stay excited about your dreams. Just simply be careful as if your life depended on it's next move leveling you up into your dream life. It is your dream, your path, your experiences, your values, your specialties. The dreams are your babies to put in motion. They are fragile, but can quickly turn into a stepping stone to something more wonderful you haven't yet thought up. They need time to cure, time to evolve. Protect them fiercely and only let those that should and CAN have an opinion give you one. That feels like inhaling fresh air deep into your lungs and certainly not that damn double edged sword jabbing your ego.

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