The day you wake up and notice you finally Woke Up

Hey. I am another Hair Stylist who will shout from the rooftops how much I love my job and how happy it makes me. I have never doubted since the day I started cosmetology school back in the fall of 2002, that I was following the wrong path. Well, let me be more clear, probably day 3 or 4. Sometime soon after we launched our class, I got sent home for breaking the all white from head to toe dress code because my super cute new sneakers I bought had too much NOT ALL WHITE on them. I sure am glad the first day got me so excited, because the second day had me spitting fire because they called me out for not following the rules. The girl who never 'breaks the rules' finally got called the f out and my ego took a hit. Turns out, not enough to knock me down off my high horse of self exploration of my newly found career path. I continued. I followed what I still believe to this day are some of the most ridiculous ways I have ever seen a company flex their we are taking your money and you are gonna like it muscles. Gah. Glad THAT was a fast 11 months of my life.

Those 11 months of full time school, as in 40 hrs a week, Saturdays not-optional, full time school. I worked my way through it and sucked up a lot if just grin and bare it days. I was right. Was right all along. This was me. I finally was licensed w the cherished privilege to take care of people for the rest of my working life. I couldn't have been any happier with any other path.

I had scored my dream job before graduating because of the man I met, and married later, suggested to his mom who suggested to her hair designer, she may want to meet Brant's new girlfriend. It all worked out to my favor. I was in the cities best salon by many standards. More I thought about it, I knew someone named God was looking out for me because what I couldn't point my finger on at the time. Was that I was a child of favour. Here I was, launching on what I called my passion, and all the while my God knew had me headed right into the front Mansion Door of my purpose.

My first year seemed like agony waiting to build enough of a clientele in which I could earn a decent living. Once I 'arrived' I somehow catapulted in the very next breath. Hence my first reflection of what mentors can do for a young professional. I got off the ground and my business went sky high as quickly as a jet gets me from RDU to JFK.

Over these first few years of staying nice and comfortable in the middle of my cloud 9, I started to feel more and more like I would run my show differently. Especially when I wasn't granted the Saturdays off when I wanted to join my husband and our friends as they went down to the beach without me. Sometimes I came late. Sometimes I lost my chance altogether to join. That didn't send me packing. Not on either end. A job is a job, and hubs had a schedule I didn't. His world. My world. Right up until his words convinced me it was time to try and have our first child.

Sssskkkkkkiiiiirrrrrtttttttt. Heels in sand. No more days of someone controlling my schedule and my destiny of where my body was gonna be at what day they wanted me where. I finally had enough of a necessity to run my own show. Not the fact that I would make almost double the income I had up until that point of my career. My schedule. It was MY SCHEDULE. It was and had become EVERYTHING to me.

Here I was, boldly and timidly at the same time, knocking on my new purpose on this planet. Becoming a mom. Started the path on becoming a mom. Then tragedy as I had known it until then struck. And there I was. No longer on my path of becoming that Angel Baby's mother. That baby belonged back Home. Safe and Sound snuggled nice and comfortable in the middle of God's cloud 9.

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