Have you ever thought about your

contribution to the world beyond what you

already do 'for a living'?

Many people, myself included,

have been into personal development their whole lives.

Self development can intermingle with your career too. 

Career development can easily become some of your

most fulfilling moments, if you have already aligned with a 

career that serves you as well as serving others. If you haven't been completely satisfied with your job or career, let's get you excited about something. Being a part of making a difference in people's lives. Building relationships with people who are ambitious AF and generating a healthy side hustle of a few hundred dollars or a full time income stream of thousands. The benefits of your collective tribe will far outweigh any boring day in the life of where you don't feel in alignment with what you are spending time on.  

A few things CAREER DEVELOPMENT can do for you 

    * Bring out what already lives inside of your soul

    * Shows your strengths vs. weaknesses

    * Allows for connections in relationships to happen on a much deeper level

    * Introduces your super hero magic to the world

    * Confidence through empowering others to find their alignment

I believe in multiple ways to align with people over

development in your life skills and time contributions. 

 I am a part of Monat Global. this supports my role as a sytlist. I stack my skills, experience, and preferences together to catapult my movement through the world. Please join me as a partner, a customer, or as a fan  of what I wholeheartedly stand for.


EXTRA money in your pocket!

When you aren't even behind the chair.